Gator Step - Ready to have more fun on the water?


Gator Step marine flooring systems.

Are you fed up with dangerous slippery fibreglass floors, or damp mouldy carpets ? If so it is time to upgrade to Gator Step flooring

GatorStep was designed to be an alternative to other marine decking and nonskid options, it quickly became the clear choice for anyone wanting a comfortable personalized look. GatorStep sets itself apart by always looking at creative ways to solve common industry problems as well as consistently coming up with new applications for a product that has proven to be incredibly versatile.

Products In This Category:

Some of the most common uses of GatorStep:

• Swim Platform Pads
• Gunwale Pads
• Bolster Pads
• Floor Decking
• Storage Liners
• Engine Compartments
• Helm Pads
• Trailer pads
• Cooler pads
• Towers
• Board Racks
• And so much more!

Key Benefits:

• Comfortable
• Customizable
• Sound Dampening
• Easy Care
• Cool to the touch
• Brandable
• Low Maintenance

GatorStep gives comfort and style to any application while also protecting the surface it covers from chipping and other damage.

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