About our partners

We want you to have as much confidence in our manufacturers as we do! Here's a quick run-down on who they are and why we work with them

Phase Five wake surf boards

Phase Five

The essence of Phase Five Wakesurf Boards was founded over 25 years ago, with their sister company Zap Skimboards. Ever since Phase Five began building boards, people have been riding their skimboards behind boats. Phase Five have taken the technology of building skimboards, listened to wakesurfers' desires, then perfected a finned board that allows anyone to ride freely behind a wake boat. And with over 25 years of designing boards made to ride smoothly on waves from knee high to overhead, Phase Five have the best range of wakesurf boards on the market today.

These boards are all handmade in America and are made to perform. If you are a wakesurf beginner or a seasoned veteran, you should be riding a board from the company who understands what works best on the water, has brought home multiple World Titles and has a wealth of experience.

Why ride Phase Five?

Quality: All Phase Five's boards are handmade in Venice, Florida, USA. Phase Five take a lot of pride in the fact that every board they make passes through the hands of some of the most skilled and meticulous people in the industry. Every stage of the build process is done to meet an extremely high standard. If a board isn't perfect, it doesn't leave the factory.

Designed & built by riders: Phase Five is a rider owned and operated company. The same guys that are out on the water competing and riding are also the ones who are shaping, designing and building our boards.

Drew Danielo, 7 times world wakesurfing champion, leads the rider team and is our rep. When we need advice we go straight to someone who really knows wakesurfing and board set up and design.


PTM Edge mirrors are designed and built with precision engineering and will fit most makes and models of towboat.

PTM Edge is a division of Protomet Corporation which manufactures products for the Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Scientific, and Marine Industries. In 2005, Protomet began working on a mirror technology for a scientific instrument that required prescription grade optics. Clarity and precision were the driving parameters.

Fast forward to 2011 and Protomet brought new mirror technology to the marine industry and won the IBEX Innovation Award for best new product of 2011. PTM Edge is focused to bring cutting edge products that enhance the boating experience.

PTM mirrors are supplied as standard with all Centurion boats and we think they are so superior everyone should have one for their boat. Progression Boats is UK importer for PTM mirrors and we're finding the 140 degree panoramic mirror is very popular.

As with our other suppliers, support is important and PTM's ethos of support comes straight from their President who personally signed us up and has been on hand to help ever since.

"...the instant I put the mirror on, the difference was incredible. I had become accustomed to what I thought was enough to see. The definition and how much more I can see of the skier is a huge benefit to what we do. I can drive and keep everything, I mean everything, in view without turning around."- Andy Mapple, 11 Time Mens Slalom World Record Holder


We are UK authorised dealers for Roswell Wake-Air - specialists in making the most of your time on the water with leading marine audio systems and wakeboard towers. Roswell make the Gladiator towers and the Amps, speakers and incredible 'Downfire' systems for the Centurion range of wake boats and we've been really impressed with their quality. They're a great bunch of guys to work with too.

One of Roswell's most innovative and useful products are the rope hooks - simple yet ingenious ways to keep your boat tidy and your wakeboard line in good condition while you're surfing on watching someone else ride.

Look out for more Roswell products on this site soon.