PTM Mirrors - Ready to have more fun on the water?

As if life on the water wasn't good enough - towboat accessories that make life easier and just that little bit better!

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PTM Edge mirrors are designed and built with precision engineering and will fit most makes and models of towboat.

PTM Edge is a division of Protomet Corporation which manufactures products for the Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Scientific, and Marine Industries.

In 2005, Protomet began working on a mirror technology for a scientific instrument that required prescription grade optics. Clarity and precision were the driving parameters. Fast forward to 2011 and Protomet brought new mirror technology to the marine industry and won the IBEX Innovation Award for best new product of 2011.

PTM Edge is focused to bring cutting edge products that enhance the boating experience.

PTM mirrors are supplied as standard with all Centurion boats and Progression Boats is UK importer for PTM mirrors.

"...the instant I put the mirror on, the difference was incredible. I had become accustom to what I thought was enough to see. The definition and how much more I can see of the skier is a huge benefit to what we do. I can drive and keep everything, I mean everything, in view without turning around."

- Andy Mapple, 11 Time Mens Slalom World Record Holder

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